Now Waze Includes Podcasts Thanks To CastBox Integration

Now Waze Includes Podcasts Thanks To CastBox Integration

If you're a fan of Waze for your navigational needs then you're in luck. The app just got a whole lot better thanks to the newly announced integration with Castbox which lets you listen to your podcasts while you get directions to wherever it is that you're going. Of course this might all be lost on you if you're not generally a listener of podcasts, but if you are then now streaming them will be way more efficient.

Getting Castbox up and running within Waze is as simple as one, two, three. First, users will need to download and install both the Waze app and the Castbox app if one or both aren't already installed on their devices, as you'll need both of them to link them together.

Once those two are installed and you have logged into both, you can open up Waze and tap on the audio icon to select Castbox to link it with Waze the same as you would for any other supported audio app like Play Music or Spotify.

Also like those apps you'll be able to manage your podcast playback with pause/play buttons and fast forward or rewind on tracks so you can move back to something if you end up missing it. While you could just as easily start playback on a podcast before opening Waze and starting navigation, this makes things much easier for drivers as controls for the podcast are front and center without having to go back and forth between two apps.

This is especially important since users are typically behind the wheel when Waze is open, so the integration makes it possible to be more focused on the drive ahead.

What's more is that the controls for the podcast that's currently being listened to are in easy view as they pop up at the top of the Waze app interface but without blocking any of the navigational visuals so uses can still see the navigation route. You can even see other useful information like the name and details of the podcast as well as episode name and an associated image of the podcast channel.

If for any reason Castbox users prefer to have the podcast app at the forefront, the integration makes it possible for it to be the top app and still get the navigation from Waze with turn-by-turn directions.

Cast box is far from the only podcast application on Android devices but it is one of the free ones (also among a sea of many options in this category) and it's also one of the highest rated options, so if you don't have a podcast app you already use but you do use Waze then you may want to consider Castbox as your go-to.

Waze integration with Castbox is the newest feature to come to the podcasting app but not the only new feature that's been added in recent times. Castbox notes that this is in addition to new social-related elements like the community feature where users can talk with each other.

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